Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Suspect Packages: Live Bars & Freestyles (Part 2)

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Comment (19)

  1. i clocked the long limbs of the law, boxed kids in the jaw,
    watched england at war, got pissed as we all got rinsed and ignored
    bombs blister the floor fam i'm watching!!
    cause im still kinda lost in this bruv, where the fuck are we?
    some barely struggle, some braes'll muscle free
    some braes'll buckle, some braes'll run at speed
    I jog when I have to, stare at the sonos screen
    watch when i catch you, prepared for the coming seige
    locked in my statue, spare me a fuckin breeze

    toooo fuckin sick

  2. I earn good money from a good office job, took a lot of hard work to get there… but I'd rather do what they do!

    Big up HIgh Focus, soundtrack to the past few years of my life!

  3. Fucking sickness bro, Baxter and Dike at their best. The beat to the end of part 1 and the start of this part you both kill. I'm loving this so much its incredible. If anyone wants to check out our new tracks please give any feedback, appreciated.


  4. yes yes … high focus puttin out a regular stream of ukhh .. feedin the hungry heads.. nice to see a ukhh label pushing things forward and not making us wait around for 2 years for something new to come out .. runnin things

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