Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor – Cake Gang Feat. Chester P & Dirty Dike (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. GhostTown)

Learn how to rap like the pros

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High Focus Records is proud to present ‘Cake Gang’ featuring Chester P & Dirty Dike by Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor and producer GhostTown taken from their brand recent album ‘Laminated Cakes’ which is OUT NOW across all formats and digital platforms.

Video by: This And That Media
Inspired by the works of Joakim Ojanen: http://www.joakimojanen.com/hola/
Special thanks to Choccywoccydoodah: https://www.choccywoccydoodah.com/

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Comment (47)

  1. I mean it sounds hella good but i have, after hundreds of times listening to it, still no idea what the fuck they are talking about. Can anyone enlighten me?

  2. Swimming in the pigments of the artificial light
    Mr once-a-merry fellow walks his bloodhounds on the drive
    In the silence of his haunted house a bluderbuss resides…..🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. This was so nearly something I could share at work. And then Dike comes in at the end talking about peeling the peen back. Can't really complain though 🔥

  4. Everyone smashed this but how can anyone test chester p writing skills? His best tunes get 10k views n them wastemen trap/drill cunts get millions, fuck offffffff!!!!! Salute u hackenbush all day errrr day fam

  5. This has gotta be my fave Dike verse EVER! BEST dike and Baxter collab since What d'ya expect surely? I fuckin KNEW this album was gonna be hard as soon as I first see it was happening and then it was confirmed when first bite was released! I mean take "Pipe Smoke " for example – Jam Baxter and Ed Scissor make some proper 🔥fire🔥 when together, so it was always destined to be great, but seriously this tune has just made my fuckin year! Big up boys, you'vs outdone yourselves once again! 💯💯💯 hopefully see you lot later on in the year at the birthday or Christmas party or summin! Safeeeee – Chloe Holden x

  6. these guys need to form a permanent crew, sinkage, dwelling and straight flop out the deepness that falls too easy for these chaps! 1love. deep recognise deep

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