Jam Baxter – Teeth Marks (OFFICIAL KARAOKE VIDEO) (Prod. Chemo)

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After over a year spent in a slight creative slump in a crumbling terraced house in Tottenham, Jam Baxter rang his label boss while heavily intoxicated to request they fly him to Bangkok forthwith, to rejoin forces with ‘…so we ate them whole’ producer and engineer, Chemo. After an initial period of understandable hesitancy, the flights were booked and Baxter found himself suddenly regurgitated from the belly of a Jet Airliner into the magical and surreal surroundings of ‘Mansion 38’.

It seems right that Jam Baxter’s two favourite tracks from the ‘Mansion 38’ album, ‘Teeth Marks’ & ‘Soi 36’ be combined into a singular item, a limited edition hand numbered seven inch vinyl.

Written by Jam Baxter
Produced by Chemo for KMJ45.com
Video by Theo Lowenstein and Sean Richards for 120degrees
Logistics and Animal Handling by Rueben Austen-Hakin and Ciaran O’Connell
Edited by Andrew Craig
Post-production by Anslim Yearwood for Guru Creative Consultants

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  1. Might be some of the best production I've ever heard on a track…… Close to some of Chemo's Telemachus stuff….
    Just damn man….And then Jam is throwing out that snake eating its own tail paradox….. just fuck man….

  2. I look at the state of modern day rap music and sometimes I just dont understamd.. Everybody wants that super ignorant subject matter. Dont get me wrong, I fux with LIL uzi vert and famous dex and pouya and all the new age trap music but how does that shit get like 5 milly views in a few days and months later this has less than 100k ? are people just getting stupid ? I like that ignorant shit because of the novelty of it but im still a smart person so very abstract poetic shit like this still speaks to me heavy, whats up with people man ??

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