Jamie Foxx And Ansel Elgort Play Jukebox Jamie

Jamie Foxx and Ansel Elgort join A. Dot live to talk their new movie ‘Baby Driver’ and they both show off their voices with celebrity anecdotes in ‘Jukebox Jamie’.


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  1. 1:14 made me fall out my chair cause I was so shook on how good he was singing. not even kidding I fell backwards and my dog woke up barking and I was just laughing in pain

  2. The ppl on this thread love Jamie more because he spent most of his interview praising this newcomer Ansel, but if Jamie focused on Jamie he’d be spoken of badly with hate amongst other things. Jamie you get a medal for giving superior accolades to this Ansel guy and not yourself! Nowhere on this thread are they supporting Jamie more who is multi-talented all around grandstand hands down black excellence! Smh!

  3. Look how Jamie praise this man when he is not even praiseworthy nor did he pay Jamie homage the way Jamie did! Like why do we do that? Rhetorical! We always gotta make them feel so superior by giving them accolades more than ourselves! Ridiculous! Let him praise himself and carry his own sacks! Just embrace who you are as a dynamic and incredibly talented BLACK excellence! Jaime is such a beta man although he is very talented! He’s more larger than this guy Ansel. but yet he feels like he has to let this guy shine more. Smh! 😒🤨😳 I’m gone need Jamie to show some alpha man, and not to display an image of buffoonery, tomfoolery, and simpleton. I l❤️ve Jamie Foxx he has MAD 😡 talent.

  4. hmmm….usher and beibs started out delightful and now they haven't spoken in years. it's a hot swirl bromance right now, but these things have been known to cool. cruise looked out for jamie and then jamie…well, jamie and katie…

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