Japanese Romanian Hip Hop by The Mike Penny Orchestra! (Sou Da Ne, Pt. III) 津軽三味線

MPO gets ya blood pumping again with an off-da-hook geamparale (Romanian dance in 7/8 meter)! Enjoy this short but conclusive third installment to the Sou Da Ne Suite.
Big thanks to Jennifer Moulton (camera/hair stylist) and Christina Noland (sweet moves) for helping us out with this one!

Download “Jaa” (Sou Da Ne, Pt. 3) here: http://themikepennyorchestra.bandcamp.com/track/ja-sou-da-ne-pt-iii


Christina Noland – fly girl fantastic
Tabitha Winifred Ross – Japanese speaking woman
Adam Stacey (Youtube username: Vorticose) – accordion
Mike Penny – Tsugaru shamisen, vox

Lyrics (in case you were wondering what the hell I’m saying):

(Japanese convo)

Tabitha Winifred Ross: Jaa/Well, then
Red-Headed Guy: Mou/Enough already
TWR: Genkai desu ne/We’ve taken this as far as we can, wouldn’t ya say?
RHG: Hontou da/Yeah, it’s true
TWR: Jaa/Well, then
RHG: Jaa/Well, then
TWR: Bai bai/Bye bye
RHG: Shi yuu reetaa/See you later


Talkin’ about life

Talkin’ about things

Talkin’ about three flavorful strings

Talkin’ about that which you know least

Educatin’ you from the point of view of an artist

You thought you were the smartest when it came to composin’
I was busy honin’ my skillz while you were dozin’

Admittedly, I’m waxin’ self-congratulatory
Hear me out
It’s not about me
It’s ’bout the story of

Little Ginger Mike

Pickin’ up the spike lute

In pursuit of new sounds

In spite o’ the copious frowns incurred

It’s not that people weren’t down

They just thought I’s a clown

Which I am but that don’t mean
I can’t write a round…

(canon ensues)

So much love and respect to the real shamisen heroes

The Takahashi Chikuzans and the Gunpachiros

And countless others bringin’ the real Tsugaru flavor
Fukushi and the Nittas are ones you gotta savor

Yo! Kmetz and I are blowin’ up in the Chito-Shan

Rockin’ Mugen 21s made by Katoh san

Never disrespectin’, just tryin’ to have some fun

We got Abbot and Reimer representin’ the (831)

We are the crew who you knew would never take a breather from

writin’ the futuristic licks hotter than a fever

Some haters they be sayin’ we just playin’ it like guitar

Exploitin’ the Japanese culture and takin’ it too far

I see where they comin’ from but I disagree

Of course! Respect tradition but simultaneously you can
And what we bringin’ is steamin’ on these three little strings

I’m out


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  1. one of my all time favorite Mike Penny videos! This gets right to the point! ya know what I`m sayin? the POINT! the Shamisen part is incredible! one of the best Shamisen parts ever written…EVER! Awesome contribution to human history in the arts!

  2. Hey Mike. Your videos are so wonderfully unique that I adore every second of them–yes, I've watched them ALL and I eagerly await every new installment. (As an added bonus, you're remarkably attractive.) I've been playing the erhu for a few years, and every time I need a little help doing my thing while simultaneously respecting tradition, I watch one of your videos. Thanks for being so gnarly. I'm out.

  3. Man Mike I knew your are amazingly talented when we met a while back but …. Wow! I did not realize how far and deep it goes. Way outta sight and deeper than the earths core. I look forward to seeing more from you and meeting again down the road.

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