Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller Promises A Knockout In Anthony Joshua Fight + 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

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Comment (36)

  1. The jokes that come from America is about moral perversion and disrespect this dude disrespected Joshua's mother first how come they're not talking about that anyways who cares May the best fighter win

  2. Miller on hormone enhancing drugs & it fucks with the brain & his personality is distorted & we see now his true colors on this enhancing drugs his family, Friends & were lied to by trying to present a personality of the moral value to the public who he really is, is what came back to haunt him the interviews & press conferences the drug hormone enhancing that aggressive behavior, inferior marking out the Karma knocking on his door

  3. He always wears shades, the eyes are the windows of the soul.
    Now we know why, juiced to the max.
    Dam, losing that 8 million must hurt soo bad.

  4. Useless drug cheat. It's so funny watching all these videos again and hearing this fool trash talk. He's a dirty, lying idiot who has no place in boxing. All along, he was guilty of all the shit he accused AJ of. Coward!!

  5. Now it makes so much sense why Miller made up the story about not wanting to sign with vada, he knew he was taking illegal substances the story about because they didn’t put him at number 2 was pure b.s this guy is a cheat who thought he was going to get away with it, shame on you steroid Miller juice cheese burgers eating MF

  6. listen to those lips flappin wow is he high or what he hasn't stopped yappin . a total nutter!!! aj is a professional athlete you my friend are just a street punk

  7. Now we know your secret source of energy and your punch output…Gw1516 etc dude you've been juicing all along but now you've been busted…I guess you got that from ur momma breast juice lmao

  8. The funny part of boxer even if they know 100% sure they will get knock out but they will still shouting I beat u I knock u out I will finish u.. Blablabla

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