Jay Electronica – Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) [Prod. By DJ Premier]

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Comment (44)

  1. Verse 2

    Here we go

    My style
    is like a shot of Jack Daniels, 
    a baby grand piano
    Lighting a hop, 
    smoking a cig, 
    strumming on a banjo—
    The son of man's a song of a gun 
    with hella ammo–
    The sheriff shootin'
    Bob Marley, 
    John J. Rambo—
    6 sex-tillion, 
    19 million, 
    the holy pyramid say 
    we all allah children—
    Voodoo for the pilgrim's 
    who bring weapons and conceal em—
    then silence you with force, 
    and then indoctrinate the children—
    Yo Gabba Gabba, 
    Amandine Jaguar—
    Blow up your apartment 
    if you don't observe the Sabbath—
    I look the devil in his eye's, 
    say ab ra ca da bra
    Then drown him in the mighty light, 
    his brain couldn't fathom—
    Scrappin' every day, 
    just like Fight Club
    A Thriller and a Smooth Criminal, 
    like Mike was………

  2. Um bash dash I had to break, 
    I had to get away  
    Pack my bag's, 
    headed for grey hound 
    and it was a Monday
    Time to start my mission, 
    I felt that burning feeling in my soul 
    I had to listen
    I had this reoccurring dream 
    from the stage, 
    in a suit with a fade
    I had set the game a blaze, 
    and they threw me a parade
    I stacked a little change 
    and took my family out the cave's—
    But I was trapped in a maze 
    like a lab rat—
    And at the bottom of the barrel, 
    where they keep the crab's at—
    No Gieco, 
    no Aflac, —
    nothing to fall back on—
    But the street's 
    where niggas cussed out the police 
    and sold they're crack on—
    Better known as back home, —
    where they treat the Arabs, 
    And the Spanish and the Black's wrong, —
    there he go with that song–
    You may be tired, 
    but I spit what I'm inspired, —
    from the Lord to the world's, 
    cuz the devil is a liar—

  3. All of you wake up !!! A bright future is right under your nose ! You were always one click away.
    Check out any of my music ! Love yourself,love other selves and support DOPE music !

  4. when I first heard Jay I knew in my soul he was a bad ass dude! when I heard Kendrick, I didnt get that same feeling! stop kendrick dick riding! its funny how the world dont feel the same way as I do about Jay Elect! fuck da world!

  5. dont throw the word idiot around…especially when you are one. electronica is signed to jay z's label. theres some irony for you

  6. shut the fuck up you racist idiot the reasons its shit is because of materialistic faggots like jay z who ass worship Zionists and other rich pricks who happen to be mainly white

  7. no jumping up and down on the spot screaming is black… hip hop doesn't exist without white contribution you know structured music

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