Jay-Z rare unreleased freestyle from 2000 – Westwood Throwback

DOWNLOAD HERE – https://soundcloud.com/timwestwood/jay-z-rare-unreleased-freestyle-from-2000-westwood-throwback
Jay-Z freestyle – rare never heard before from back in 2000. Westwood Throwback.


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  1. I was tuned into this back when it aired on radio. I was a 9 old kid holing the record and play buttons together on them old cassette radio players. Held the buttons pressed for the full jayz interview and freestyle. At that time I never knew what he looked like so I was like wow this guy is so sick I wish I could watch him spit these bars. I don't know why but I always imagined him as some small thin guy lol was very surprising to finally see him on the fiesta video I think . Legendary !

  2. So called freestyles are from DJ Clue, LIl Cease and DMX albums in 99. How can any of these clown commenters say they are fans? The DJ Clue verse was over the “Who Shot Ya?” beat. You don’t even know what your talking about.

  3. It really is hilarious seeing these kids not wanting to flat out say, "You know what, Jay Z has some fucking skill man damn." They rather say "overrated" or "mannn this shit's nothing." Or "Nas and Pac better." (I think Nas is better too but still pay credit where credit is due) go listen to a million and one questions by jay z and then talk shit

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