Jay Z To Release New Music On Jay Electronica’s New Album

Jay Z To Release New Music On Jay Electronica’s New Album


Jay Z To Release New Music On Jay Electronica’s New Album

Jay Electronica Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzuPlRJClq4

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/helloyassine
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  1. I’m excited BUT!!! Jay Elect HAS!!! To KILL every song. He has to kill this. It’s been TOO long. Cmon. Either a dang near perfect album or don’t drop. Yeah I said it

  2. This is less proof than what we had in 2013 when he said it and dropped "better in tune with the infinite" I listened to that track every dame day thinking the album was coming smh

  3. This album should be new music. If you check the track listing to act 2 most of the songs have been leak except for 3 or so. Hopefully we actually get this release! Praise be to Allah peace be on to him!

  4. Im not excited for it. It's kinda like Carter 5. Ima listen to see what it sounds like IF it even drops but Im just kinda meh about it. If we get 15 exhibit c level tracks then that be crazy tho.

  5. Debut album? 40 days and 40 nights? HAHA, Diddy sent you that text that said “when you gon drop that first nigga you takin long” over 10 years ago my guy 😂

  6. I turned 20 less than a week ago so I've only ever heard this guy's name but I've never heard Yassine give this type of praise to anyone, so I'm definitely checking out his stuff.

  7. When Jay Electronica dropped Exhibit C, I don't think it's hyperbole to say it was equivalent to Kendrick's Control verse, without Social Media. The Cadence, Flow, Lyrics, Just Blaze production. It was Rakim-Esque. People thought Jay Electronica was the next Hip-Hop Messiah or sumshit. People have to remember: The proverbial prodigal sons of Hip-Hop were Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Jay Electronica. To a lesser degree, Wale, with his Attention Deficit album (Wale's best work imo). Also,Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller. These artist all had a 2-5 year head start, before the giants known as Drake, J Cole, Kendrick, Big Sean, Chance, Travis, Asap – who were all on the mixtape circuit or doing whatever in life from 2006-2009 & didn't really go crazy until 2011.

  8. I see he’s playing on the whole significance of “4” so this might just be something extra special. Well obviously because it’s been something long waited for, but even just because I know 4 is special to jay and bey and they’re talking about 40 days 40 nights and 40 more days till it drops

  9. Just like my peers in this generation (I'm 22 now) that said Kid Cudi saved their lives, Jay Electronica did something similar for me. At the time I was reading the Malcolm X Autobiography (I think we all had that phase) I just never heard someone rap with such knowledge & wisdom. Certain rappers have that gift, where your still trying to decode their Raps, years later. Jay was rapping about the Synagogues of Satan, Shrines in Peru, Boxing with God, Quatzecotal, Supreme Mathematics you name it. My top 5 is Pac, Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, & Jay Electronica. I want more but I won't hold it against him cause he's given more than enough in this lifetime, with music literally dating back to 2004. He's an Enigma in Hip-Hop, with top 10 G.O.A.T. potential.

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