Jedi Mind Tricks – "I Who Have Nothing" [Official Video]

Official music video for I Who Have Nothing by Jedi Mind Tricks

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You are now watching the official music video for “I Who Have Nothing” by Jedi Mind Tricks from the album “The Psycho-Social…,” in stores now on Babygrande Records. For more information on Babygrande Records, visit:

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  1. Paz gets deep as a spring lake, really some compelling stuff. I dont always agree with Paz but I respect his intellect and eloquence.

  2. at Varsity . this song  gave me hope . no money in my name except a government scholarship that seemed to enslave me to the extent that I didn't even enjoy varsity life coz I subjected to being a book worm.

  3. lately i have been having very powerfull metacognition and just been thinking of thing that dont even make sence yet and i have been seeing the same symbols everywhere with no meaning? "i could give a fuck about your secrets and passwords" Deep shit its like no one wants to share knowledge or philosophys. 😐

  4. Back home, English music was illegal to own. I smuggled this record through customs and was sweating bullets. Made through and bumped every day!

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