Jehst – Falling Down Instrumentals – Move Back – UK HIP HOP

Due to popular demand here is the Instrumentals off Falling Down….Move Back.


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  1. Life’s in need of saviours
    Extracting favours from masked crusaders
    The sweetest flavour is that of nature
    We see the world as our creation
    Destroying glaciers
    Satanic nations
    Titanic notions
    The oceanic motion is truly potent
    Through disbelief and devotion see what is chosen and who is omen
    I know that I flow golden it’s to time show them like Texas holdem I’ll fold them and leave them broken , and even though I spoke allot of it was never wrote, capsize your boat, with no float in the middle of the ocean, now you’re sinking and frozen your heart is racing, ur life is fading u feel frustrated it’s gone.

  2. My name is satan. Hatin masturbatin and delegatin lives till they end up separatin. Themselves from the world couldnt give a fuck. Whether or not hung yourself up

  3. I have a song to this beat on my page. Big fan of Jehst so had to do it! Check it out and let me know what ya think.. I'm assuming if you like Jehst your a fan of real hip hop and hopefully you'll appreciate. Peace

  4. walking in the cold with a snotty nose in search of a rainbow in hope of a pot of gold you cant hide it ill promise you ill find it even if i have to make my own this is new like the latest phone got a voice with the greatest tone your gal wants to link me and take me home even though im stoned i can make her moan lol

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