Jehst – Liquid Diction

Song by Jehst.


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  1. If anybody still visits this tune in this channel, would you please tell me if (and ‘if’ so) and how there a way of getting this tune on iTunes in 2018 on iOS 11??

    – Side Note, I’ve tried finding it on Apple Music but it isn’t there. Apple Music is a pocket-sized version of Apple Music, I would say.

    If anyone can point me in the right directions that’d be ace! 🧐🤨

  2. fuck with all types of rap, old school, new school, underground old and new school, trill phonk, g funk fucking everything and jehst is fucking dope affffff


  4. was litteraly just about to post this,people need to wise up and listen to the midwestern U.S underground hip-hop scene. listen to brother ali and then tell me u.s hip-hop is shit or dead. love atmosphere, eyedea and all that just as much, probs even more then the u.k stuff of the moment

  5. …i also love UK hip hop but you can't for a second say that US hip hop is dead… not for shit… go check out rhymesayers and stones throw records… and everyone on the west coast experimental scene then tell me that US hip hop is dead…

  6. ya know what i didnt realise this had been sped up, i actually came back to this song to find out how he got his voice like that – i think it sounds sick
    nice to hear shit like this and quasimoto, makes a lil change

  7. I got the wax and it sounds the same to me, true though his voice does sound higher pitched than usual, same on that whole record though. maybe his balls hadn't dropped yet????

  8. This from any hiphop or any musical genre lover should be the kind of tune that should be seriously taken in,poetry over a real beat.flow is spot on.ine of if not jehsts best song,the guy needs to check his self,lost his hunger.beautiful song non the less.

  9. @tinderbox83 You know there is a reply button? Listen to the lyrics, if this was U.S. rap it would be "Money, money, bitches, money, cars". I'm not saying U.S. hip hop is completely dead its just had its time. Anyway maybe link/tell me the names of the MCs that would 'rip Jehst in half' from your hometown?

  10. @tinderbox83 look here, us rap is not dead but there are so many shitty, soundalike rappers in your country. At least here most songs are unique sounding and to be honet i bet if someone said this in a high pitched stupid sounding american accent you'd probably like it.
    Lowkey, english frank, re3co, K9, kozzie, pro green, devlin, mic righteous, split prophets, stig of the dump…. and thats before i touch on the grime scene

  11. @ ukf.. Jehst sounds like he's handicapped trying to rap.. U.S. Hip hop is dead? You crazy, making me laugh.. MCs in my hometown could rip Jehst in half

  12. Uk rappers all sound terrible! The only way they can stay on point is annoyingly overextending words… They got no flow, their cadences all lame and chunky.

    EG… "so you got to feel the hunger in your tummmm-yyyy" – some lame european rapper

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