Jehst – Nightbreed (Feat. Klashnekoff & Kyza)

Jehst – Nightbreed (Feat. Klashnekoff & Kyza)

Taken from ‘Alcoholic Author’ (2002)

Label – YNR Productions


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  1. "so holy shit is the stunt man, crashing the barrier, calm like a charriot drunk like a harrier, jet black sonic boom mind of warior, move like a shark off the great reef barrier" we dont really care no more Blud……Can anyone tell me where or what these lyrics are from? ive been trying to find this tune for time…… old school UK ip op. cant find it any where

  2. I got mad love for Klashnekoff & Kyza, they are fuckin dope mcs and spit some of their nicest shit( that I've heard ) on this track but, I must say, Jehst's lyrics are just too damn much.

    in the dead pool of deep black sirens
    penetrate the silence
    blinding lights shining dilate the iris
    drivers shot hybrids, and clock mileage
    deep in the dawnlight
    heavy on the eyelids

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