Jehst – Tears In Rain

Jazzy, dark, moody and powerful. Jehst in full effect.

Immense from the High Plains Drifter who is coming back with a hugely anticipated release: The Dragon of an Ordinary Family

BUY it here from 20th June:


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  1. enemy or friend yes jehst been backing for a long time. even when things have changed your forever relevant carved a niche no doubt cuz. years of pain still here trying to maintain. stand tall in the mud famo

  2. Jehst is my second favorite UK rap poet right behind my man Lewis Parker,This is awesome to know Hip-Hop all started in the boogie down Bron, USA and expanded to every corner of this planet pretty much!! Dopee!

  3. "Im like a dusty old photo in a rusty frame, of an old relative you cant remember the name but if it wasn't for me things just wouldn't be the same…" Never get bored of Jehst's lyrics.

  4. hey guys, caught up with jehst for a big ass 25 minute interview following the bliss n eso concert, definitely as interesting as his music suggests, wonderful bloke with a true passion for hip hop culture. video on my channel in a week!

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