Jehst x Lee Scott – Campbell & Algar (prod by Morriarchi) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Taken from Morriarchi – ‘Buggzville Sessions’



Filmed by Vikki Digby Johns, Yung Money Myles & @breezkybo


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Comment (22)

  1. Sassenach pommy, Asda bag Johnny
    Lad I'm mad cocky I'm in Barry Grants posse
    Winning with a last minute jammy twat volley
    Blag bobbies with a thousand Garry Ab's on me
    Oochie Wally you'll be sorry got the funk like Morri
    When I think about it, that rhymes with something probably
    Looking like a young Axel Rose
    I don't do nothing, I just sit back and pose
    I'm stingy when it comes to giving shits
    The Noam Chomsky of idiots
    The stupid version of Einstein
    All three point one four one blah blah five nine of the Pi's mine
    Don't understand that line? Fine, neither do I
    I greet you with bye, hi when I leave on the sly
    To bunk an Uber taxi
    And can't read my own writing like Luca Brasi
    That's why I might seem dazed
    Acid rain stains turned me white T beige
    But I walk around town like it's sound
    (Give me a bell) I might be living in hell but I'm nice enough to invite you round

  2. If there isn't another Lee Scott and jehst ting soon I'll hunt you down and kill you….maybe get nah eeto jehst and Lee Scott doing a full e.p together…if that happens…..fucking hell. End of day 1 tune ever with jehst n Lee Scott is sacrelidge

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