Jeru The Damaja – Can’t Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix) (1994) (HD)

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Music video of “Can’t Stop the Prophet” (Pete Rock Remix), By Jeru The Damaja, from the album “The Sun Rises In The East”, 1994.
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Comment (31)

  1. Another PR classic! masterpiece! I always envisioned the actor who plays Kyle from Living Single supplying the voice of Mr. Ignorance at the end!!! Got me crackin up!! Lol

  2. I legit asked Jeru about this track on fb, he replied and said he didnt hate it, its just he got a beat from preemo and came up with this.. If he got pete rocks 1st it wouldve been a completely different song

  3. This is a all time hip hop cookie classic. Pete Rock just murdered this remix. I miss this shit yall daaammmnnn this is super fresh…. Peace to the gods and the earth's…. Flame on hip hop forever💥💥💥💥💥💥

  4. Okay lets settle this once and for all. Which version is better? Pete Rockss or Dj Premier's? Also which one does Jeru The Damaja think is better? Which one does he perform live to?
    In my opinion: the ONLY remix that Pete Rock did that wasn't as good as the original Dj Premier version of a song was "Real Hip-Hop" by
    Das Efx. I think "Cant Stop The Prophet" is my best Pete Rock Remix ever…even though most I hear say its "Shut Em Down" by Public Enemy. I just dont like how the beat never fells like there's a rest in it…like no exhale point just a continuous inhale. or all 1…no 2 (if that makes sense to anyone)

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