Jimblah – Brotherman [Official Video]

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Taken from the album Phoenix:

A Broken Yellow Production: http://www.brokenyellow.com

Brendan J Doyle – Director
Navid Bahadori – Producer
Mario Lendvai – Art Director
Natalie Croker – Co-Producer
Nils Crompton – Graphics and Edit
Justine Seed Lendvai – Costume Designer
Amy Vella – Costume Assistant
Lucia Fischer – Photo Colourist
Maria Cynthia – Make-Up Artist


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Comment (19)

  1. So tell me brotherman
    You're dead wrong
    You stole enough cars, got locked up
    With sistergirl drunk sitting in the front and crashed into a pole
    And now she's dead
    And you can't take it back now

    [Verse 1: Jimblah]
    For all the dumb shit we did
    Tell me brotherman
    Man you better start learning from your mistakes
    By the time that you changed hope it's never too late
    Or far off in the distance reminiscing about the things you did in your past
    Move one, time is now

    I have seen a whole lot of heads get caught up in the system
    Blame the white man for all the problems they get into
    Enough of that, the bitterness and the hate
    We could put it in the same place we keep the pain, tucked away
    Utilise, fuel to the fire
    This is a phoenix take flight
    Inspire the uprise enough for people oppressed
    We ain't sitting in silence like, knowledge is power
    Key of freedom for the freedom fighter

    Brother when you feel a lot wiser it's time to re-approach, rock a cipher
    And life would be enlightened, I wait upon the horizon
    Think of where we came from, and the fight that's inside

    [Break: Jimblah]
    Brotherman, Brotherman
    For the pain (Brotherman, Brotherman)
    For the hate (Brotherman, Brotherman)
    I would do what it takes, Brotherman I can do what it takes
    Brotherman, Brotherman
    For the Love (Brotherman, Brotherman)
    For the Hurt (Brotherman, Brotherman)
    Against all odds, What up friend
    For all the dumb shit we did

    [Chorus: Jimblah, Jada Alberts]

    [Verse 2: Jimblah]
    Friend you got to start learning from your mistakes
    Before they, lock you in chains, third strikes call your name
    Constraints hold us down push forward for a
    Child going through the exact same struggle as you
    You see it through a consumerism name and it came
    To the front pages of the newpaper but blatant lies
    Of misbehaviour, young black male, criminal mind
    Trying to finally fit in society
    Here's where to begin for the kids making the same mistakes that I did
    Head up, brotherman ain't breaking under pressure
    Forever, I worry blood blessed upon us
    Remember what we once was, and where we came from
    For now I sing for freedom
    What they believe about us couldn't be further from the truth
    See the truth is that's just what they want us to do
    Show em proof represent for the mean while it's time to get that proof

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