JIMMY HEATH Talkin’ About Musical Youth | Jazz to Hip Hop

JIMMY HEATH Talkin’ Jazz to Hip Hop

Rest in Peace Jimmy Heath.

Jazz legend Jimmy Heath celebrated his 80th birthday with his big band in NYC.

Jimmy holds court in his dressing room; riffing on Ludacris while talk show host Tavis Smiley, scholar Cornel West and jazz master Clark Terry have a jazz to hip hop crack up and a cultural commentary wrap up.

Shot at The Blue Note by Carol Friedman.


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  1. @foreal1992 dude i cant believe i wrote that i feel embaressed it was like 2-3 years ago I sound like an ignorant jazz snob saying that, the thing is I am a huge hip-hop fan but when I went to school I fell into this stage of sort of telling myself i shouldnt be listening to certain kinds of music b/c its not as complicated my opinions have def change and as duke ellington said their are only 2 kinds of music GOOD AND BAD

  2. The Heath Brothers, like Miles, Dizzy, Quincey & Max, know the connection between Jazz & Hip Hop that closed minds don't see.

    They're doing what Charlie Parker, Lester Young & Lionel Hampton passed to them, tradition. Some of today's pop rap is weak but much is the genius that came before but suckaz don't know.

    I'd love to hear Nas, Olu Dara (Jazz great & Nas' father who's done Hip Hop records), Pete Rock, The Heath Brothers do something produced by Quincy Jones and/or James Mtume.

  3. Just saw Jimmy and Tootie here in Santa Cruz CA. These guys are incredible. 81 and 71 y.o. Close your eyes and you'd think they're half that. Jimmy played with my pop (Howard McGhee) in 1948. Pop took Jimmy to Paris on his first plane ride. Talking with Jimmy after the show he told me he lived with him on 115th st in NY. Gave me the address and apartment number. I can't believe the guy's 81 years YOUNG. The cd "Turn Up THe Heath" is SO GOOD too!
    Boots McGhee

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