Joell Ortiz & Large Professor | Professor Ortiz (Full Album)

0:00 Intro (Large Pro live at SOB’s Nov 9th 2010)
0:49 Bout That Time Its Warfare feat Joe Budden
3:46 A Night In My Ps ft Big Noyd
6:30 Forever Hip Hop w/ Gensu Dean
9:50 Street Rebel feat Neek The Exotic
12:20 Ohh
16:22 Stomp feat Nipsey Hussle and Rockness Monsta
19:25 Dear God 125 vs Corona

#Djaytiger blends #JoellOrtiz acapellas over some of Large Professor’s raw underground beats to create a 25 minute mashup of boom-bap treats for your ears! Guest features include #JoeBudden #NipseyHussle (RiP!) #BigNoyd of #MobbDeep #NeekTheExotic & #RocknessMonsta of #HeltahSkeltah

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Originally released April 7, 2019

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  1. All of the thumbs down are on their stomach' s with it in their brown eye. Eww😝😝😝😝They didn't know the "realness".
    Peace to the real ones, from Augusta, Ga. ~1~

  2. ★♪♠♥*graffiti*god*$∅ⁿ↑∆®!*❕TWB!* ♣♦ ⭐*JUICE★♪,©®€W!* 👑 📀📼🎧🎤🎵🎶🎼🎻🎹🎷🎺🎸 MC-$HAN! 🎤♪♪♪♪♪
    #DJ*MARLEY★M∆RL! 🎧

  3. Yo yo what it do? I'm smokin mad broccolis been locked up with sun tsu and Socrates been through cats who do robberies with crips who clog arteries and bodies who got bodied others lucked out now they livin life permanently wobbely but hey I cruise through like my bullets Makin ur wounds ooz…my eye might ignite pupils expand in the night kick back in the bright light while never losing focus it's for us the flow tough you woke but everything you know is from anothers Hocus pocus…the magic…making money dissapear the tragic fact that you can't make it appear in thin air…the 1% got it all…while we fall…get back up…struggle us all…strangle us all financially… dismantle teams…end the dreams of Martin Luther King…you notice how they kill our heroes and the strongest homies in the hood facing them zeros…we need a healer quick instead we get the stealers and bricks and years to sit…or layed down…who's getting payed now….get a job in the joint no need for a bank account…fortune 500 company scrambling Humpty Dumpty….all the king's men couldn't put the neighborhood together again…win win…lose lose…sin sin…booze booze….drugs drink n fumes just a see a man through….a wicked system has a free man out of prison but his mind is stuck locked down a puppets time is up…we got strings attached that's how they recycled the goods…in and out of trouble and drama how many times can I go to court with Mama? Hidden colors should be required education but they dangle carrots of gold to capture imaginations…like you could be a star too…a king…a millionaire athlete but there's only a chosen few…the chains of slavery on our liberty statue…it's mad coo until you on the street corner asking for food while people walk past you!

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