Jon Connor – The Way I Am/Fast Lane (2012)

Jon Connor – The Way I Am/Fast Lane

Video For The Way I Am/Fast Lane from The People’s Rapper LP

Year: 2012

Directed by Jason Shaltz



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  1. New favorite rapper. We need these mainstream rappers like kendrick saying that they want the roots of hip hop back to start doing it like this dude. Jon Connor can eliminate this mainstream era of hip hop once he gets noticed on a world stage level, going to share his music with everyone I know can appreciate good music.

  2. I'm amazed someone that good actually seems to think eminem is good, or well that's what i get out of this in a way, but really all i hear in interviews is how bad people think em is but his lyrics are so fucking good so i don't get it. I think this guy has potiential to get even bigger than Em tho.

  3. Look up Jarren Benton's albums "Freebasing with Kevin Bacon" or "My Grandmother's Basement." Or Dizzy Wright's album "Smokeout Conversations." SwizZz and Hopsin are just good add-ons to the group at the moment.

  4. It's not that at all. FV is a completely different style of rap. They rap about different things, they have different desires. Jon wants it more, his lyrics have deeper meaning, and FV is chill to listen to, but they rap about random shit sometimes like real talk..

  5. lol your retarded yela's cold as fuck. hopsin would never have any intention of leaving funk volume and honestly he needs to stay there. we need independent labels to take over and knock this mainstream bullshit out

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