Josi D & MixFX – Beat&Lyrics Fusion [ RAP & BEATBOX ] [ Portuguese ]

This is a repost of a video recorded in 2014 in Estudio 21.
Big up to Josi D and also to Estudio 21 for making this happen.
#portugalbeatbox #portugal #beatbox

Original post:…
MixFX :
Josi D :
Estudio 21 :


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  1. PLZ DONT STOP MAN YOUR SHIT IS AMAZING !! I really need u back in the game ✌🏻im missing your bass 😭 ( still listening to your video with codfish )

  2. OMG! Man, estava a rodar a minha sub box e apanho o teu canal!! Head bang do demonio. Parabéns pela cena, boa sorte para o teu projecto! Tens imenso talento 🙂 Peace!!

  3. Is there a different way you do your bass? I want mine to be really low and mines really bad:/ any tips? And was your bass this deep ever since the day you learnt bass??

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