Juggaknots – I'm Gonna Kill You

Juggaknots – I'm Gonna Kill You

This shit is all-time material… there aint much more to say.


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  3. As mentioned below the subtlety and sublime manner of The Brewin's flow and content is very much overlooked due to its understated nature. Unlike many MC's he doesn't go for overt emphasis to patronise the listener but builds up dense rhyming patterns and content with such ease and manages to condense (in this case specifically) novella's into a song format.

  4. heard these cats in the new york city territory and thought this and trouble man, and epiphany was some of theyre best work. undertground 4 life. yo that loosifa joint was bumpin in 95 on wkcr with bobito and stretch armstrong. one

  5. Breeze has one of the slickest deliveries ever. I can only compare him to Jay-Z because his style is incredibly subtle. This one line he had always stuck with me where he said "but when the kid is limp I'm on some 'no hard feelings'.

  6. The deep breath he takes right before the song starts, only to barely take another breath during the course of the song; epic. Breeze Brewin has the best lungs in the game.

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