Juju Rogers – Intro (Acres & Sum Mulla)

Juju Rogers – Intro
Album : Acres & Sum Mulla (2019)
Beat : Modha
Mix : Martin “Lucky” Waschkowitsch
Master : Zino Mikorey
Label : Jakarta Records
Country : Germany (Berlin) #GermanHipHop

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Comment (1)

  1. Lyrics :
    Live from the belly of the beast
    Garvey said „look unto the east“
    Mommy said „boy get on your knees, turn the other cheek“
    And them OGs taught me how to Second Line them streets
    Live from the city where they seperated Africa (Berlin)
    Yet I'll never be a slave! Never be a slave!
    So much soul the say it's like the Ancestors
    In a duet with Edda James
    Let a nigga say
    If Pac was alive he a probably adopt me
    Or id be Gaddafi
    Im Bobby
    Seal fo real, somebody stop me!
    You niggas poppy!
    Yea your IG is poppin but you cocky!
    Shook like Ali when we met in the lobby
    This ain’t a Hobby
    Life behind bars – John Gotti
    Perspective of a Brown like Foxy
    No party on molly in Abu Dhabi
    No bodies
    I’ll probably tryna become a Hadji!
    Come try me!
    Descendant of a made slave and a Nazi
    Southside G!
    Natty, only Gods be in my Posse!
    Surprised these niggas talk about shotties
    While I be out in L'Afrique vibing out to Selassie

    That burning bush got me hearing God!
    Meet a Negus with no fear inside!
    Never met a brother real as I!
    Tell the Devil that this year is mine!

    40 Acres N Sum Mula – in the name of Mansa Musa
    Mixed with 2Pac!
    This is the sound of Revolution – 40 Acres N Sum Mula!

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