JuJu Talks Breakup With Cam'ron, Growing Apart, Rules, Thoughts On Mase + More

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  1. What’s up with these chicks and this We were like best friends shit🤨 Lord that shit always sound ghetto and desperate to keep these men around you saying that🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. The deeper I got into the interview she kept trying to prove to herself he wasn't cheating- breaks my heart. If he is hanging with random women- he could be messing with them!!

  3. I feel so bad for her. Seems like she was not willing to fully admit he was seeing someone else. She is a sweet beautiful woman. Hope he lives to regret it.

  4. Love & Hip Hop is SO FAKE! They portrayed JuJu as a smart woman who runs several businesses. She was a pretty airport worker who hooked up with a rapper and used his money to buy some real estate. Anyone could do that

  5. afro latino is a fairly new thing to say. so called afro latinos back in
    the day would never claim to be afro latino or claim to be black they
    would literally say they are either spanish, hispanic, latino or claim
    puerto rican, cuban etc BUT NEVER black or afro latino. they are just
    another group of IMMIGRANTS who get to come to america and benefit off
    the hard work, oppression and death of black/afr americans
    (black/african descendants of american chattel slavery). her ancestors
    were NOT slaves in america they were slaves in dominican republic !!!!
    21 Savage needs to go…illegal is illegal…

  6. She was sooooo fun with Cam meaning she just had a fun down to earth personality . She’s a gem. She seems really hurt by the breakup but she will be ok she’s beautiful intelligent well spoken and bad af.

  7. Jim Jones is Married to Chrissy Juelz Santana is Married to Kimbella and Freekey Zeekey is married to Tiffany….Camron is the only one who hasnt gotten Married and JuJu seems like such a wonderful Woman…his loss!

  8. Juju is the ONLY dark skinned Black Woman I am attracted to.
    She is SO goddamn BAD 😍
    I’m sure she is mixed tho, especially seeing as how she is Afro-Latina

  9. Something tells me that she became too intellectual for Cam and she wanted to do more intellectual things with him. Cam sounds like he just wanted to be silly most of the time. That Marc Lamont Hill brother sounds like he would be a great catch for this sister. They are both intellectuals.

  10. Juju wanted to bring something to the table, which for other men is a desired trait, but it seems Cam might be a bit insecure. Her success and elevation might have made him a lil nervous 👀

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