Justice For Junior – (FULL MUSIC VIDEO) TURK feat NU SZN – Visuals By THE KNEMESIS (GoldMine Media)

Produced By: ElementBeatz & NU SZN

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2LuTDFK
Spotify: https://sptfy.com/1XP4
We haven’t yet received a reply from his family to confirm where they would like the proceeds sent so if anybody knows them and can contact them it’s highly appreciated. They can reach me at either of these for an immediate reply. ([email protected]) or ( IG: @turkofficial247 )
( https://www.instagram.com/turkofficial247/?hl=en )
This story crushed my heart like many others around the world. The only way I know how to deal with that is through music. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lesandro and his family and friends. This senseless violence needs to come to an end because our kids are literally dying and our neighbors and people in the communities who we would hope would help them out are just pulling out phones and recording so they can post on instagram. God Bless The Whole Planet 🌍🙏🏼

We would also like to thank the actors that played the role of the gang members. They put their personal feelings aside and played the roll because they knew the over all message of this video is extremely important and must be heard. That message is “Don’t watch and record if you see someone being hurt…HELP THEM”.

Our condolences and respect goes out to Lesandro’s family and all of his friends.

All proceeds made from this record will be going to the family of Junior.

Music like this will out live every single one of us. #JuniorLivesForever



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Comment (22)

  1. Thank you to everyone who has been sending love for Junior. The response and the amount of people who have messaged or commented saying they cried tears while watching is unbelievable! I’m glad this song is helping people get through this tragedy and also keeping an innocent child’s name alive with his soul, long past his time on earth! Words can’t explain how much of an honour it is to be a part of that.🖤🖤💔💔 Love y’all and keep positive!!
    Side note: If you disrespect Lesandro’s name in any way shape or form your comments will be deleted and you’ll be blocked automatically. If you’d like to leave comments about me, that’s fine feel free to leave your opinions , positive or negative are both welcomed ,but there is zero tolerance for disrespect towards Junior!!!!
    Also For those who are saying this song was made for “fame” or “clout” , smh I feel sorry for your bird brain mentality….I wrote this record with tears in my eyes at times, and the sole purpose of it is so Juniors name Lives longer then each and every one of us. And through songs like this and others i’ve listened to on other artists channels for Junior. His name WILL out live all of us. All proceeds from this record are also going to his family. I usually don’t address comments but out of respect for Junior I felt this was necessary.
    Much love to everyone who has a hole in their heart from this story. You’re not alone ! Love y’all !!🖤💔

  2. From bullies making kids and teens killing themselves, from getting stabbed and killed, from getting SHOT and killed, or beaten to death? WHAT HAS OUR WORLD GOT INTO? EVERYONE OPEN YOUR EYES! WE GOTTA WORK TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING! THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN AND TEENS DON'T DESERVE THIS!

  3. those people who lilled junior the innocent kid should fucking hell and just know karma is a bitch and somwthing bad is going to happened to them they going to hell for killing a innocent kids fuck them

  4. Junior could have lived till it was his time like what wrong wit them they never think now junior dinted live a whole life I wonder off to and my mom tells me don’t run off junior its 2019.junior you family will miss you and I wish you was on this planet it wasn’t his time yet we got people getting stabbed like junior your in a better place #justiceforjunior

  5. That white girl was recording to much now if I was there I would beat her up and should have went to jail for recording that why would you watch and record a kid getting hurt you should go to hell

  6. Rip kid looking at u is like looking down at my Lil brother I couldn't imagine losing tht kid he keeps me even tho the shit tht I've seen and did and if u do see this I love kid keeping it 🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯 till the day I die

  7. Gang violence needs to be stopped 😭 words can’t describe what kids go through when things like this occur my heart is crack right open, nothing can fix it

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