Kabaka Pyramid – Liberal Opposer (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for the song:-
“Liberal Opposer” by Kabaka Pyramid (@kabakapyramid)
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Directed and Edited by Jason Lannaman for Arawak Studios
Album – “Lead the Way EP”
Label – Bebble Rock Music/Soul of the Lion
Produced by: Green Lion Crew
Shot on Location in London, England

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Dont you fight us down (im a rebel)
Dont you fight us down (say me honoreble)
Dont you fight us down dem nuh waan see we sit pon di throne

Pon di battlefield, I’m a Rebel
With a cause, never pause
Babylon a devil
Pon di battlefield, Im a Rebel with a cause
observe the laws of Ma’at

I am a liberal opposer
practioner of yoga
position of the cobra
tradition of the Shona
trace back my lineage to inna ethiopia
down inna Kemet me build di pyramid of Djoser

Hieroglyphics dem a call that Medu Neter
when me see the sun a rise in the sky me call it Kheper
High priest a cure the Leper
with praises onto Neter
them come ya with them cross but mi say the ankh is better
we no want to see no beretta rise up fi go take a life up
Jus sip the breath of life up
No nyam no flesh and mek sure you exercise nuff
and be careful of the one who teach the Jesus Christ stuff

Pon di battlefield, I’m a Rebel
With a cause, never pause
Babylon a devil
Pon di battlefield, Im a Rebel with a cause
observe the laws with no flaws

haile selassie a di leader
deh pon di battlefield ya
humble as a lamb mi just a follow di procedure
rasta man a healer
beast get trample under heel ya
mi buss up every seal weh dem seal ya
read a couple chapter den
reflect upon di factor dem
focus on di acronym
fi open up mi chakra dem
seated inna di lotus mi a soak up all di oxygen
Kemetic yoga mi bring over from the continent
africa thats where we wanna be
we living inna poverty cause a di economy
capitalistic and the materiality
we no see reality only periodically

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  1. How has he traced his lineage back to Ethiopia? Or is he talking about king Selassie? Cus most Jamaicans were from the Ghana’s slave trade and fled and became maroons

  2. You are not "living in poverty because of capitalist economy"… you are dirty rich because of capitalism. And you spend it in Europe? Buying diamonds that poor Africans died in mines for. Much hipocrisy

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