Kalki – The Aftermath

Written & Performed by Dilipdeol Raja
Music by Mista Sinista-September (Mixtape)
Video by Rienarts FILMS
Recorded at Sahabat Records & Production Melaka
Contains additional samples from V for Vendetta (2005), Scarface (1983), The Matrix (1999), & 2Pac MTV Interview (1994).
© 2018 Dilipdeol Raja, Melaka City, All Rights Reserved.
Melaka City Finest Clothing by 51 Crib
Supported by Reggae On The River

*Parental Advisory: Explicit Content*

(From V For Vendetta)

[Verse 1]
Word up!
I’m on a mission with the Buddha vision
Message to the nation, stop hating, be seekers of wisdom
Wish my future shine bright and glisten
2053, smiling wide while reminiscing
Top of the Pyramid they do the thinking
Used to laugh a lot now we all smirking
Poverty stricken, monopoly by them politicians
Education is sickened, history being re-written
Everyday Struggle, since BIG days
Blow up the plane coz HIV pays
Pills over plant target your bills the masterplan
Half a gram? We leaving to Amsterdam
For all the earth is mine, tax my grind
Some uncultured swine
Stole my bread, drink my wine
Mad I had to rhyme
Let it out what’s on my mind
Spit the truth while you stand in line
Bars flow like Pompeii, haters drowned in my lava, the Krakatoa
Globe is ark I’m the Noah, the smooth flow-er
Lead you all to Exodus, gift and curse
Take your time but don’t miss the bus
Quit messing feelings, tell your mind stop competing
Depression get you killed hanging from the ceiling
Nax, Ritalin, thought you headed for the healing?
It’s what you believe in, placebo what you dealing
It’s fucked up! What corporate companies
Try to get from you and me
Rhythm and poetry, fuck society!
Know my name in this rap-sody
It’s Kalki, and I brought the prophecy

(From Scarface & V For Vendetta)

[Verse 2]
Freedom of speech, pass the mic and I preach
Reaching snitches who sold love, the Judas of the street
Houdini the evidence, new wolf same sheeps
Promising us Harvey Dent, all we got is Two-Face
Tricks up the sleeve like Go Gadget Go!
Now you see it, now you don’t, hello 370!
Bridges burn, tables turned, casket drop, kingdom come
9 is gone, people yearn, chant my name, I return!
Shit is real, not for those who sensitive
Fuck censorship, it makes no sense to me
Flushing fetus down the shithole, sex is free
#PrayForBrenda, rest in peace!
Rat-a-tat-tat-tat in the …
Compensate with Sundays collection, that’ll work
24k in temples, but still we broke
Alright funding weapons but for Ebola?
What a joke
God forgive me for my sins swear I repent
Couple weeks later mom caught me do it again
27 Club is where I thought I’d remain
What else should I be? Tell me, Kurt Cobain?
Billion dollars spent but nothing is relevant
All they do is noticing but nobody give a damn
Books over guns get terrorism overrun
Sharing syringe, get high on religion
Calcify the gland for we living in glass
Never question the system and do as we asked
Terraform Trappist-1 just in case we blast
I’d rather train a padawan lightsaber your asses!
What am I an atheist for speaking the truth?
Call me cocktail but I stay true to my root
Blessed by God, the Sun, Ruh Al Qudus
Just me against the world like 2Pac Shakur!

(From Scarface & V For Vendetta)

[Verse 3]
I take 6 of my ex-G’s put em in a line
Withdraw the good 3 coz they did me right
Add half inch to it, that’s 3.5
2 hands now it’s 7, flip the bird I’m fly
When I’m on the mic man I go Jurassic Park!
Terrorizing motherfuckers, I just don’t give a
Fuck! Like Samuel Jackson,lay my vengeance upon thee
Massacre like Manson, pile up the dead bodies and do lil dancin
Third verse go Capone! The lyrical gangsta
Judging me by melanin, we beautiful you racists
Agony turned melody, spit felony in verses
Surpass the maths, oh Return of the Mack
The Bride I’m mad, bloody sword in my hand
Final gritty avatar, you bout to feel my wrath
Rep my city Melaka, Vanakam, it’s The Aftermath!

(1994 MTV interview with 2Pac)

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