Kamaal Williams – 3 Yourself

Kamaal Williams – 3 Yourself

Taken from ‘Live At Dekmantel Festival’
Buy / stream ~ https://kamaalwilliams.ffm.to/liveatdekmantel

An identity split, a people divided, a city in flux. Working with a group of local photographers, director Tom J Bennett (b. 1995) explores the meaning of freedom and identity in a land with a colonial past and an authoritarian future.

Shot at the height of the Hong Kong protests in late 2019, 3 Yourself combines original and archival footage and photography to paint a shimmering quick-fire picture of a revolution.

Tom J Bennett (b. 1995) is a director and writer from the UK. With a background in journalism, he has a specialism for exploring the politics of identity and protest movements. He has written regularly for Vice on this topic, and worked on both news-led and feature-length BBC films in the area.

3 Yourself is his directorial debut.


Synths: Kamaal Williams
Bass: Rick Leon James
Saxophone: Quinn Mason
Drums: Greg Paul

Film Credits:
Director: Tom J Bennett @tjbenno
Producers: Etienne Leung and Tom J Bennett
Camera: Etienne Leung and Tom J Bennett
Editor: Tom J Bennett

Additional photography and video contributed by:
Walid Berrazeg
Ringo Chung
Joseph Francis
Elton Fung
Melody Kwan
Kinho Lam
Kwun Hei Lee
Wilber Lee
Bob Leung
Cherry Leung
Lucienne Leung
Adele Liu
Tavin Liu
Michelle Pang
Nicole Tsin
Eddy Tsang
Jessey Tsang
Brian Wong
Ryan Yiu

Special thanks to:
Cody Howdeshell
Karl Harris
Alex Hofford
Matt Rodier
Tommy Walker
Wouter Sterrenburg

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  1. That distorted riff starting at 2:22 with the women dancing to the beat is incredible. For the sake of democracy, this needs to be the next anthem in clubs all around the world!!

  2. Rahhh Black Focus Records, it’s nice to make cultural references but don’t just put anything Asian that sells, and swear Wu isn’t from Hong Kong, this just looks like you’re hijacking another identity’s political agenda for your own profits

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