Kano & Dangermouse freestyle – Westwood

Kano & Dangermouse came thru the show and spat some bars on Westwood Radio 1.


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  1. "Stick ur clik up and make ur friends pay, comprende ill hit the wi h up & set pace,
    giv ur wife the dik & split the nex day, u jus gotta pik up my spit & get sprayed"
    – dangermouse☆☆☆

    Lol respek! dangermouse did his thing!! He defo stepped up to the plate but kano won.

  2. suck out westwood. This is one of the illest things the uk has produced and all you can here is fucking beeps at the peak parts. Not even putting out an uncensored one.

  3. I buy rounds, dont try floss with your mo (Moet) becuase thats how much these brandys cost me with coke… WOOOOOW KANO IS JUS PURE FIRE!!

  4. westwood is dropping off very hard. notice how he's doing all these 'throwback' videos because he knows the new videos he's doing are all absolute bollocks.

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