Kano freestyle – Westwood

Kano freestyle – Westwood

Westwood – Kano freestyle Radio 1


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Comment (26)

  1. In no particular order:
    1. Kano
    2. Ocean Wisdom
    3.Jam baxter

    Best writers and flows in the UKHH scene. Loads more I could of mentioned, Jehst, MF Doom, Chester P, Blak Twang…blah blah

  2. 7:05 why that man in the back pretending to scratch his face when hes really jus sniffin his finger. u aint fooling anyone. WE ALL KNOW WHERE ITS BEEN!!

  3. Man i swear kano is just a prime example of a legendary uk artist who dont get no love from the usa,probably cause they know kano would merk even the very best american "rappers"

  4. I feel sorry for those bars!! they got hurt!!! Big up Kano!!! Under rated but never duplicated!!! Its K-A!!!!!!!!!!! yeah boi!! Smashed it!!!

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