Kano – Hail (Official Video)

Kano – Hail (Official Video)

‘Made In The Manor’ Out Now
iTunes : http://smarturl.it/iMITM
Amazon : http://smarturl.it/aMITM

Directed by Kano and Rsky Roadz
Buy Hail/New Banger here: http://bit.ly/KanoHailNewBanger


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  1. I'm American,from NYC. And I love the grime scene and have for a while but is he talking about someone in particular line with that no one gives credits to Brits line?

  2. I have only ever heard one good english rapper (Slick Rick).  Kano is another boo boo ass english rapper.  Your average local american rapper is better than this man. and people wonder why english rappers don't get any respect. smh

  3. at the end when giggs does that laugh when kano says 'its called new banger' after the song had said 'new banger' 20 times in a row lmaoooo

  4. I'm black first and then American.We don't have much pride in saying we're American.We represent our rap music and we like Grime too.Yall love hating on America.We don't have no hate for y'all.Shit let your artist make that money regardless of whose listening to it rather it's us or yous.

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