Kano – Hoodies All Summer Documentary

Kano – Hoodies All Summer Documentary

Hoodies All Summer OUT NOW https://parlophone.lnk.to/HoodiesAllSummer


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  1. Don flyah couldn’t of said it any better
    but for real Kano is one of greatest of all time
    I ain’t even got the album but me a bout to cop that right now jah know star 💫

  2. Hey Kano, a quick message to tell you that we deeply appreciate your creative process. This particular album has inspired a lot of our work (completely unrelated to music) as new creators. The energy and intention that you put into your work is clear. Every word carries weight and intention. Much love! 😊Thanks for making this short film too.

  3. Kane is a different cut…you got to celebrate and appreciate these kinda people while they are here not when there gone…Kane is a legend in his own right. I hope we get to hear more music like this…big up kane

  4. If that doc was an hour 2 hours 3 hours ther would still be enough content for it to stay interesting, Kano take a bow
    I’m so grateful your content over the past 2 decades 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Tv is full of Geordie shore and love island, this is the kind of reality tv we should be seeing. Following talented people that create, inspire, adapt and overcome

  6. It's the UK's To Pimp A Butterfly. Every time whatever tune comes in it just breaks me. The honesty, the artistry, the bars, the scenes, it's fucking incredible. If this short doc hasn't got you in tears you're a fucking wasteman.

  7. I must say… H.A.S has to be one of the greatest album's, not only of 2019 but the greatest ever! I knew it was a classic the first time I heard trouble… the first time I heard deja… the first time I copped the album & pressed play. Had on repeat for months!!! And still banging it out now and beyond. Kane is on a different level. Legend

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