Kano – T-shirt Weather In The Manor

Kano – T-shirt Weather In The Manor

‘Made In The Manor’ Out Now
iTunes : http://smarturl.it/iMITM
Amazon : http://smarturl.it/aMITM

Directed by Kano
Director of photography: Tom Turly
Additional footage: Risky Roadz, Tanyel Vahdettin
Editor: Matt Cronin
Colourist: Oisín O’Driscoll
Sound System provided by Reggae Roast http://www.reggaeroast.co.uk/

Special thanks to: Smithy and Jus D




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Comment (41)

  1. Kano's caining it!!! Mad Props Mate! Ignore the haters…they're a sad, sad lot who need to mind their own business and get a life of their own rather than observing other's successes or failures and then hating on them, which is a stupid, self-defeating, ignorant way to behave with the limited timelines we humans have upon this earth while we're on probation before The Most High. Kano, keep caining it, mate.

  2. This man ! Is 🔥 truely blessed to have such a true artist ! This album plays in my constantly and on my TV/YouTube/ headphones ! K TO THE A ! plus the last two minutes ! Nothing but real talk !

  3. Thought he was hella fuckn sexy on this show. Top boy. Had to Google his music. Omg. I love this song. Sad. All music can't transcend from country to country.

  4. e15 was my ends for 6 years, very relevant these days, and a decent tune. Kano been ripping it up for years, way before he got recognition

  5. W10 are my endz, go back 30 years and you’d want out! Now it’s better people wanna come back, but it’s far from perfect. Ain’t nothin wrong with changing your postcode to W10.

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