Kanye West – POLO YE (Cookin Soul remixes) lofi tape

Kanye West – POLO YE (Cookin Soul remixes) lofi tape

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Kanye West’s “Polo Ye” era definitely influenced me and a lot of other producers in the early-mid 2000s with that “chop up the soul” and “high pitching” style that crafted several classics for Jay-Z, Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, Kanye himself and many others…
Kanye has been making a lot of fuzz in the media lately…
We’ve all noticed a lot of changes in his persona throughout the years but especially in the last 2 years…
All these events inspired me to create this tape using old Kanye acapella freestyles, interviews and all types of random studio footage and vintage clips I have found on youtube…
This is sort of my personal tribute to his legacy…

Tracklist :

01 00:00 4 yall
02 01:04 Bitterwest
03 03:47 Black Balls (Good Lovin)
04 05:00 Brand Nu
05 06:21 GOTD
06 07:52 Real Life (Dream Killers)
07 09:10 Girlfriend
08 11:08 Real World
09 12:18 Emotional
10 13:33 4 bar drop
11 15:08 Chicago

Artwork by https://instagram.com/teriyakidonut_

Original video sources –

MTV Interview https://youtu.be/AwbSTjCRQDQ
VH1 Driven https://youtu.be/rIOfofsi3Jk
Before the fame https://youtu.be/dfusndtTVO8
Def Poetry Jam https://youtu.be/1n8ejihHEeU
High School Graduate https://youtu.be/ThFqCle73vw
In the studio L.A. https://youtu.be/VY85p3pWrDc
Gorgeous Freestyle https://youtu.be/KA07U3MQwGE
UK First interview https://youtu.be/Sa3V1nM_SCQ
Evolution of Kanye https://youtu.be/1yYyk9pRwbg
Smack DVD https://youtu.be/ZNkBOrOpAWw
Never let me down studio https://youtu.be/CDyrWWPt534
Whoo Kid freestyle https://youtu.be/5T8VWKHYiyo
Flex Freestyle https://youtu.be/P1eY6evzhw4
Making Through the Wire https://youtu.be/Z9CqPDaCGU8
Angie Freestyle https://youtu.be/fLR8S1uTaw8
Just Soprano Freestyle https://youtu.be/SELS2z-p_G8

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  1. its insane how good the beat is to gorgeous in this honestly sounds so mich better than the original song and adds so much hype, life, excitement, and a feeling of gettinf lumped to the song. thank you

  2. Whenever I hear someone criticizing Kanye and saying he's gone batshit crazy, I always come back mentally to this mix and the footage you included. I think this is just a masterful piece of work and 17mins that could change the perception of any ignorant person. Very very very good job! Thank you for this!

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