Kanye West: The NoFap Prophet (Transformation)

Kanye West: The NoFap Prophet (Transformation)

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  1. 130+ days into No Fap. Approximately 45 days in I gave my life to Christ. I can't explain the things that have occurred since then. So i'm working on a book. hahah. Drop by my Church's youtube channel! City Church Sacramento.

  2. Don’t do destroyed dick December. The majority and common people will do it, but you won’t. You will be uncommon and keep your legacy going. Let’s do this.

  3. I never understood how people think he is woke for saying this. These statements are nothing new. We as society know these things. The problem is we loose focus and forget about them over and over again. That’s why they continue to plague us, but that’s okay because it’s natural and human.

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