Kasim Allah feat. Brand Nubian – Jive Pretenders (2013)

Kasim Allah feat. Brand Nubian – Jive Pretenders (Music Video)

Jive Pretenders is the third single from the LIVING MATHEMATICS LP

Kasim Allah featuring BRAND NUBIAN!!!

Produced by Tarik Bayyan
Shot by Salim Adofo
Edited by Kasim Allah
Go to
www.sandyshouseent.com to order the album



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  1. Wait this is what hood niggas be bumping in the hood??? But they don’t listen to Em??? Not only that but he uses profanity to rap? About god??? 🤣 😂 this is comedy

  2. Peace 7s. This track is right and exact! Living 120 not just parroting it! Showing and Proving the Gods from the Frauds. Cee the cipher with Allah from Medina, WiKiD Singh in it too..

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