Kas:st – Hell On Earth (Official Video)

Kas:st – Hell On Earth (Official Video)

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Artist: Kas:st
Title: Hell On Earth
Label: Flyance Records
Format: Digital, Vinyl 2 x 12”.
Genre: electronic
Style: Techno
Release date (Vinyl): 8th November 2019

Video by: Louis Herbeuval

A1 – Road To Nowhere
A2 – Insomnia
B1 – Astral Talk
B2 – Hell On Earth
C1 – Lost Souls
C2 – H.U.M.A.N.
D1 – Breathe
D2 – Follow Me

“Road: a wide way leading from one place to another.” Roads are where humans have fulfilled the purpose of their existence. As the monk follows God’s road, the merchant follows the road to wealth, and the artist that to inspiration. We, Mind Travellers, walk the Road to Nowhere. Techno is our journey. Enjoy the trip, Kas:st.
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Comment (33)

  1. Just telling you, this is going big in a few months.
    Just like Salvatore Ganacci – Horse.
    Dude this track is a mf Bop and the video is so creative!

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