Kendrick Lamar & Andre 3000 – “Billy Preston” (Audio)

Beat / Remix Prod. by Will Mnce.

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Email: [email protected]


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  1. Poets song i couldnt freestyle to save jesus cross on my back walking in circles this aint pay back karma loop looking like a complex infiniti saying it's easier to settle took my happiness replaced it with emptiness. Ill never forgive this feel so intangible need a camera on my dirty living playing in mud this shit talker should never judge but somehow i found them wondering i offered prais? In madness this dont fasten buckle up if you bunny we crashing out no tricks this so inept but i try adept in the mixing wait see me tie it all together rain man telling me pussy really run it all life a fuck you then toss you offto the side. Mf watching you fail and its hilarious pathetic to be honest. We all got dreams some of us sleep others decided to build a ship reach for the moon drop ya line off inthe water dream works nothing but imagination cut the lights on im fishing for evidence

  2. Hey Will,
    My uncle is Dr. Nelson E Harrison. He created the Trumbetto which is a one of a kind instrument. Look him up and contact him to see if he as any samples you can use. He is very active yet old so hurry. Let me know if you make it happen.

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