Kendrick Lamar – INSANE Monster Freestyle|Best CALIFORNIA RAPPER ALIVE 2012

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  1. this crap is weak for sure he isnt spitin he has you fooled by how fast he flows slow it down and you will find this guy has no material pleas dont confuse skill with talent.

  2. The reason I said the lyrics are the least deep ever is cause half the people commenting are saying iota so deep ad his lyrics are so meaningful, which thy aren't. He's quick.

  3. 90% of the fucking freestyles out there are meaningless bullshit. It's about the pitch an delivery, an how fast you can think ahead with your cadence that's what makes good freestyles good. I mean except a few real lyricist's. like talib an shit.

  4. You are all actually the dumbest people I've ever heard. This is an embarrassment and its fucked that people think this shit is good. The lyrics are the least deep you can imagine you dumb mother fuckers.

  5. Not even just the best. He's more intelligent & more fluent. He's not consistently talking about money, drugs or clothing. He's rapping about his nature or his cultural aspects that he grew around.

  6. the fact that he produced a freestyle with more lines and better rhymes than any major rap artist that wrote their song proves that he is raps saviour, and i like how deep he is, he even sounds deep when hes talking about partying

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