Kendrick Lamar – pgLang – Visual Mission Statement – Ft. Baby Keem, Yara Shahdi, Jorja Smith

Kendrick Lamar – pgLang – Visual Mission Statement – Ft. Baby Keem, Yara Shahdi, Jorja Smith

Kendrick Lamar & Dave Free introduce pgLang, an at service company. This visual mission statement can be found on their website along with new merchandise.

The video features Kendrick Lamar, Baby Keem, Yara Shahidi & Jorja Smith. There is a clip of unreleased music featuring Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar.

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We do not own this content. All credit goes to it’s rightful owners.

Written and Directed by Dave Free
Executive Produced by Kendrick Lamar & Dave Free
Executive Producer Jamie Rabineau
Executive Producer Kathleen Heffernan
Producer Stine Chrone Moisen
Associate Producer Jack Begert
Produced by pgLang & Operator Media
Director of Photography Adam Newport-Berra
Edited by Jake Torchin and Dave Free
Co-edited by Neal Farmer
Sound Design by Daniel Heath and Chris Heckman
Sound Mix by Beacon Street
Color by Michael Rossiter
Visual Effects by Ethos
Visual Effects by Andrew Finch
Visual Effects by Justin Johnson

Opening Music
“Jump 2”
Production by Hykeem Carter and Nick Dean
Written by Hykeem Carter
End Title Music

Written by Florence Welch and Kamasi Washington
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. on behalf of Florence + The Machine Ltd
Kamasi Music – ASCAP – administered by Words and Music Worldwide, a division of Big Deal Music, LLC

Baby Keem
Yara Shahidi
Kendrick Lamar
Jorja Smith

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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Comment (46)

  1. An eye for an eye or we can see eye to eye….thats deep asf. The eye's are two of the same put them together its your eyes. In the minds eye your fighting yourself.

  2. This was beautiful I loved it. I want a job. I want to create and reach the world.
    My ig: @Qiarma
    and my other
    ig : @erikaqiarma
    My Twitter:

  3. Kendrick Lamar x Eckhart Tolle an “at service company”. The image of two giant “I’s”(egos) fighting. This pgLang project is something ambitious, love it.

  4. The man that starts talking @2:20 is eckhart tolle. He is a spiritual teacher and an author. His most note worthy book is called “the power of now” I HIGHLY suggest you read it. Kendrick is a mastermind. Much love y’all.

  5. I feel you but bro on the light post trippin fuck that woke shit, that’s Jorja smith down there kid. Matter fact send me the addy I’ll come scoop her and we can stare at suns in my apartment while you on the streetlights and shit 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. No lie, I use to always love stare at the sun. Especially on the long bus ride from school, man that was one of the best moments. For some odd reason I felt at peace, like an escape from all problems and just enjoy what was in front of me.

  7. kendrick sleeping at the top of the streetlight is him remaining at the top of the game despite doing nothing, remember when on "Alright" he is on top of the streetlight, for me, he is telling us that HE IS STILL THERE, AT THE TOP. im finna go crazy when he drops another album ongod

  8. I need work harder.period.
    Msg you aren't what you see on social media. You aren't aren't what you say on twitter. You aren't you cause you don't follow higher power. Which concludes you to depression. Life without purpose & life of mimicry. Copycats from those you idols. You end up not actually being. Pglang
    Kinda like how Kendrick also idols jay Z till he realized I'm not jay z I'm bigger.
    " Jay Z Hall of fame sit your bitch ass down."

    I think is the Parental Guidance Language.
    Kinda like that barcode at every corner of most album covers. Growing you had uour parents teach you something that you haven't taught yourself until they let go of you the moment you started watching tv without your parents presence. Kinda like how you automatically learnt from a sibling or a friend how you download trending music. Whicht symbolizes growth without guidance. Failed parenting strategies that turn a baby boy into a gangster. Who idols the kingpins until he realizes i don't follow him I follow a higher being. The sun. God.

  9. This blurred man kendrick is talking to is eckhart tolle, he's written a book called the power of now (i read it a few years ago, life changing)
    The book is helping you get rid of the way we think and imagine, instead of giving 100% of your focus to the moment you put your focus on imagning an unreal situation that would probably get you anxious and depressed.Instead the book helps you focus on the food you're eating, the water you drink, the trees, the nature, the sun and everything looks feels and sounds different when you've mastered your mind to have a 100% of your focus on it.

    The first few seconds is an interaction between a guy who's living in the moment and a gir who's just learning how to do it.
    when she sits down the camera goes deep into her eyes (going into her perspective) and you see what she sees, the sun.
    while the sun should be her main focus, which is the reality and the moment. she has distractions on the way, past (weirdly enough what's inside the circle is actually the future of the video)
    and the future. We see kendrick talk to echkart. Echkart is talking about how unnatural things like our phone is making us depressed, because our simple law of attraction is the nature. (We see kids starring at their phones with a fake smile turning sad, could be the fake instagram life.
    Then we see the girl get our full focus on the sun, the moment, going straight into the circle of now. (The sun) And we see kendrick and jorja breathe and meditate.
    At that point jorja is saying kendrick is putting his focus on nothing, he's not thinking about anything. he's just breathing and focusing on his breathing only.
    The last frame is, kids again, instead of starring at their phones are starring at the nature and sun and focusing on the moment.

    There's so much more I didn't catch about this visual teaser, if someone can help.

    I also think there's a connection between the under the sun feature he's had. Maybe.

  10. My theory (doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong just my thought):
    At the beginning when Keem is looking at the sun that represents looking at God or “following God”. (There are many ways the sun and the way it provides energy to everything on life can symbolize God and his grace). Then you see the three circles labels “past, present, future”. The past circle shows the images of the film. As soon as a moment passes it is in the past (this also explains the clock that is labeled ‘now’ at every notch). The now circle is the sun. God is omnipresent and isn’t defined by time. He is everlasting to everlasting therefore his just is (also why God refers to himself as “I am” in the Bible). The future is a bag in the wind that doesn’t move, it doesn’t exist. Now we move to the phones. When the voice says “as people grow up they begin to identify with things and it starts to define who they are. If you identify yourself with something your not, it can lead to unhappiness and suffering.” It’s a dig at social media basically. A lot of people represent themselves on social media in a way that isn’t accurate to who they really are. Then they have to try to live up to this “image” but ultimately when they can’t because it isn’t who they really are they will be unhappy. Notice the imagery shown when the voice says this. First it’s children on the playground (they’re young, they don’t care about their image, they’re just playing having fun). Then it shows teenagers on the bus not interacting with each other, then the image on the screen goes from a happy face to a said face (social media). Also this is why Jorja turns off her phone before looking to the sun. We need to be less attached to our phones and spend more time following God. Lastly is Kendrick on the light pole. That symbolizes his elevated position and goes back the Alright music video. On the alright video he is in this elevated position rapping his truths (which is actually his reality), but then the police come shoot him down. The police represents anyone who tries to pull you down from your elevated position when they feel you are out of pocket (media, police, etc.). On this video Kendrick is on the light post just chilling. I’m assuming he moves his hat from his eyes every once and while to look at the sun. This represents him now at his elevated position. Instead of working so hard to rap and prove his point he just be chilling, following God, and enjoying the moment (he’s not thinking at all, he has God given peace). Then it shows all the people in the field laying and chilling watching the Sun. Kendrick is using his elevated position to show us to look at the Sun so we might try it to. Just like how Keem invited Jorja to look at the sun as well. Also the two people with eyes for heads fighting each other is metaphoric for “an eye for an eye makes the world go blind”.
    (Lol my bad I know that was stupid long). Like if you read to the end!!

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