Kevin Hart give his opinion on Miley Cyrus "Twerking" at the VMA's

Kevin Hart joins Sarah Jane to talk Miley Cyrus, movie projects & what do Kanye, Beckham, Jay-Z really think? Part 2 here –


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  1. you can twerk even if you dont have ass she just dont know wat da fuck she doing like bitch sit your ass down honey and put your tongue in you mouth thank you

  2. He had me until he said it was a good thing for her to change like that. He did also say it might not have been the best way to go about it but no, she basically made herself a disney star to a slut that a lot people hate because it's absolutely disgusting. She still has singing skills but it's not about that anymore which makes no sense, now we're just watching her to watch and see what crazy thing she does next. Also she tries to twerk but yeah everyone knows your ass should be the thing shaking, not her skinny chicken legs that she likes to show so much. I swear every pic I see of her now I just want to throw up…

  3. He's right , Miley is not twerking . It's like mainstream media just discovered what twerk is it damn it –' , Go watch the twerk team video u'll know what it is for real. And she got no ass.

  4. A majority of the things KH says flies over many heads, b/c they don't comprehend the joke. I think what your doing here is saying he isn't intelligent b/c you dont find him funny, or dare I say you don't understand many of his jokes, which I'm sure on the surface, seem simple to you, but b/c you can't grasp them, you'll never know. One of my fav. comedian is Seinfeld, as a kid I didnt get everything he said, but I do now, although I still enjoyed him as a kid.

  5. Will you Shut Up Kevin is only playing around
    that how his humor is mostly everybody knows that
    and we all kno Miley cant twerk ..if you don''t like it then dont watch it

  6. In retrospect, I had a feeling you would too. So I wish you the best in finding him. When you do so, please keep that sort of thing behind closed doors, and off of the internet, or at least not places where people have a midget of self respect, and decency. If possible you might be able to write a book about your journey, and any further endeavors you might have.

  7. yes, i agree. He is quite successful at entertaining an uneducated, unintelligible audience, but as society has proved in the past, and continues to do so. Idiots tend to be rewarded, just as we've seen with Miley cyrus' current situation. She's in fact being rewarded for her current behavior, in ways of which many with a much "simpler" outlook on life, and success would not readily understand.

    So as another well known comedian might put it, "If you like Kevin Hart, you might be an idiot!"

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