Khaterehaye Ghabli – A2 Feat. Sina (Persian rap)

One of the strongest persian/english Hip-Hop Track Produced inside of Iran / Tehran by A2. Composed and Arranged by Sina Modarres


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  1. little time to forget all the shit, so im writing this shit to get u outta my mind, dont let me see u, im tryina work on my line, i dotn give a fuck at all .. CAUSE I DONT LOVE U, U LOVE ME FUCK u, CAUSE WHEN U LIE U TO UGLY, JUST LIKE ME WHEN I CANT FIND A SHIT TO RYME WITH

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  3. bad az in hame salll man hanuz daram in haango gosh mikonamo bash erza misham a koso kon, lamasab zmaani k in verso be englisi khunde bud man notfe bish nabudam alan medicine mikhunam 4 ta zaban sobat mikonam nemitonam mese in bashar asan hata a ro kaqz bekhunam in verso

  4. @Amirnake inhame fosho a koja yad gerefti naghola? :)) khosh bashi 😉 hala hey unvar fosh madar bede koone khodeto pare kon :))

  5. @Amirnake shut da fuck up yo…. man un ahango hefzam azizam! taghlid hast sabkesh vali maybe u dont fuckin know the exact copy's meaning huh?

  6. And by the way the English part is almost an exact copy of this Eminems song, what was it called?….I forget, But it's in Encore I think

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