Kid Capri Introduces Vina Love New Princess of Soul Plus Freestyle

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  1. Wow! So glad to see Kid’s legacy come to fruition! And so glad that she has the right mindset to go along with that talent! She will go far! I remember seeing Kid at PetLand Discount on Bway in the BX with his 160lb Rotty back in the day and he stopped to make convo with me without the whole don’t bother me” vibe. He’s got class and now so does his daughter. God Bless them both!

  2. WOW…young sista impressive!!! Proud Daddy Capri got her well trained and up on game to make a run at all these untalented females in today's music business.  Lookin forward to watching her blossom into something special!

  3. this girl is the TRUTH .. thats Talent reason WHY this Sister is a Princess her talented voice and OFF the cuff riff's Our Lord & Saviour for a beautiful Wholesum package.

  4. Capri look like he bout to start djaying with his posture and grabbing the headphones lol… yo this the king of djaying here ,best mixtapes ever!

  5. Check out " chronicles of judah 144 " best channel on youtube, hands down point blank period, especially for BLACK MEN you want be disappointed.

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