Killah Priest – Killah’s Theme

Killah Priest – Killah’s Theme

Exclusive Release

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  1. some of us praise Allah, but the real1's Hawah, native tongues say Watah Hawah Shalawah, back from the dead resurrected and fed real bread for the head no sleep no meds. 7 horns bump it, revelation trumpet blowing like a breeze real ease yo pump it.
    melinated wakings puritans quaking whole earth shaking while the sun keeps baking aint no mistaking titles once taken returned to the GODS lets end this faking.
    Is-Ra-El Jaz-e-Bel i been thru the fire like the Book of Dani-El, Gabri-El a wise Ang-El, with Quranic quotes that i float thru hell, that gives a clear pic old testament props to represent who we are The Firmament.

  2. The first time I listened to The Psychic World of Walter Reed 2" I listened to the whole album all the way through… It's over 2 hours. Your is music is enlightening . Wishing you good health and a long life priest

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