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A film by KillASon
Produced by SUPANOVA — Charlotte Corre, Julie Dossavi-Talbot, Yvan Talbot & Marcus
Line Producer — Annabelle Mai & Annouk Laviolette (BIJOUTE)

Talents — KillASon, Julie Dossavi-Talbot, Adèle Yabavi Dossavi Samey, Théophile Dossavi
Samey, Hanna Lhoumeau, Mosey Charles

Director of Photography — Maxime Baïle (DSPLCMNT)
1st camera assistant — Ilana Robas
2nd camera assistant — Facundo Capelleti
1st director assistant — Yvan Talbot
Editor — Valentin Bruhière
Colorist — Valentin Damon

Special thanks to —
Morgann Lesné, Le Conservatoire du Littoral, Mr. Riallin, les Mairies de Perros-Guirec,
Trébeurden et Pleumeur-Bodou, The Talbot Family, Rachel, SMD Loc, Logifilm, BBCar Car Go,
KCD Worldwide & Alex Malgouyres !
Partnership — Dr. Martens, G-Star RAW, Thierry Mugler & Yves Salomon

I remember the boat at bay
Our first flame
I know you do too
At first sight
I, I knew that
You would become my boo
The flower of our love bloomed
Everything was cool
Until doom took
Me out of this world
Away from my 2 pearls

Oh jealousy oh jealousy
The city girl and the marine
We seen jealousy
Year after year
You’re still here
But you have to find peace
Your heart is so heavy
Filled with anxiety
Oh my baby free some space
Now you need to live
The past was in your tears
Don’t let sorrow narrow your space
How dare you forget our story
Why didn’t you try to save me ?
It’s not how I feel
How dare you prevent your family
From reaching out your feelings ?
It’s how I feel
Please free some space

I remember the boat at bay
In Toulon, France
Not sure that you do
You did not even talk to her
You rejected her
But one thing was certain
Oh Lord she so so beautiful
That’s why your heart said
Oh Lord she so so beautiful
That’s why my soul said
Lord oh lord oh lord oh lord oh lord
Oh lord oh lord oh lord oh lord
She so so so beautiful, hey
Where has he gone? The good husband?
How could you say
She less than a woman
Alcohol, fast cars & bad debts
Your wife and kids live with a man I never met


Oh Lord she so so beautiful
Oh Lord she so so beautiful
Lord oh lord oh lord oh lord oh lord
Oh lord oh lord oh lord oh lord
She so so so beautiful


Music Video by KillASon performing FREE.


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Comment (27)

  1. Je t'ai découvert en première partie de Shaka Ponk, bravo mec j'adore ce que tu fais !!! Et trop stylée ta danse :DDD

  2. Ce son me remplit depuis qu'il est sorti… j'arrive toujours à m'en lasser
    C'est surement ce qu'est censé faire ressentir la musique haha
    Merci !

  3. J' adore ce que tu fais et j avoue je mets en boucle ta chanson , respect pour l hommage que tu fais pour les tiens,tes grands parents ainsi que ta maman,félicitations je te souhaite tout le succès que tu mérites.

  4. Magnifique chanson tu nous fait entrer dans ton univers et on s’y sent si bien 🔥🔥 bravo 👏🏼 De plus, le fait d’avoir donné vie à cette musique en sortant un si beau clip avec ta mère et tes grands parents, c’est juste énorme et beau 🙏🏽 😍

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