Killer Mike – God in the Building (2008)

Killer Mike – God in the Building (Music Video)

Killer Mike – God in the Building (Official Music Video) from the album, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II



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  1. These images are so powerful and fit each part of the verse. Well done Ms. Shakur would be proud of this. Keep going B.B much love to ya GOD peace be with you.

  2. When i first heard this it gave me chills killer mike is one of the realest to ever do it, thank God for real music like this, we must repent and go back to our true creator for we truly are living in the final days which were the same as the days of noah but will be even worse but jesus is salvation and for this truth i am blessed to know, peace be to all.

  3. Dang man, that was an epic/disturbing video. Killer Mike's music definitely lends itself to an epic/disturbing interpretation. You got almost every iconic image from the past century in there! haha

    Nice video

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