King Lil G ft. GeraMx – En La Cuadra prod. Eskupe (Official Music Video)

Directed by King Lil G & Truly

King Lil G Spotify

Download “Paint The City Blue” album


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  1. Por mi cuadra enSLPMx y mi Rancho saludos a mis parientes en NL Asta Texas mi Family saben que los extraño cada año que pasa el ausente de la casa ,aqui un verdadero Potosino Mexicano mijo.

  2. First king lil g makes narco corridos and now he putting that musica urbana mexicana…he mixing his style in all kind of music …I've been waiting for a rapper to hook up with that mexican urban rap…dope af song keep them hits coming….from richmond killacali to tijuana zona norte…

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