kingdom hearts ¹⁻³ ~ lofi hip hop mix

Some of you wanted a larger compilation of songs, so combined all my kingdom hearts lofi mixes into one large compilation in celebration of us hitting 10k subscribers. This is the series that brought a lot of you here so I felt that this was right.


(0:00) shinigami – sanctuary
(3:23) nohidea. – promise
(4:52) a l e x – no one would miss me
(7:33) f i n n – return to traverse town
(9:12) fragile – raining all summer
(11:33) aekasora – dearly beloved (lofi remix) (1)
(13:25) citrusgastank – my friends are my power
(15:56) Will Raza – Naminé X WiLL Raza Lo-Fi Hip Hop
(18:00) Will Raza – Dont Think Twice X WiLL Raza Lo-Fi Hip Hop
(20:20) K-Go – Oathkeeper
(25:31) Rifti Beats – Kingdom Hearts – Simple and Clean (Lofi Hip Hop Remix)
(29:21) Yung Donut – Kingdom Hearts – Lazy Afternoons Lofi Remix
(31:10) OhT^bi. – Kingdom Hearts – Kairi Lofi Remix
(32:46) Will Raza – Tears Of Light
(34:55) Will Raza – kingdom hearts memories
(40:00) a boy in love – だれも – nobody — sanctuary lofi mix
(43:00) Hazu – Fantasy Kingdom
(45:37) a boy in love – best friends — kingdom hearts lofi
(46:46) YPSN – Need a break (Kingdom Hearts Lofi Hiphop remix)
(49:29) X III – v e N (Roxas Theme LoFi Hip Hop)

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a l e x




Rifti Beats


Yung Donut

Oh T^bi

Will Raza

a boy in love



#kh3 #cozy #lofi

(kingdom hearts, kh3, lofi, lofi hip hop, kingdom hearts lofi)


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Comment (31)

  1. Is it weird to be emotionally moved by a lofi mix? Dunked in nostalgia and a kind of bittersweet moment of reminiscing how innocent childhood was?
    I think that’s why I love kingdom hearts.

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