Kings of the city – Fire In The Booth

Kings of the city’s 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.

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  1. American Hip-Hop cant even see the UK scene atm its doing so well with so much support. Ive just discovered Kings of the City (and im so happy i did) and im loving every song. They could have been pioneers in the success that the UK scene is having right now. RIP Danny, music lost a very talented musician with so much potential

  2. Haha gas, fucking americans once again. You produce shit like Drake and 'Breezy' and honestly think that the US has any right to an opinion on hip hop????? pffffff UK's killing it now US aint got shit

  3. STFU, send your hate somewhere else. "Shouldn't sell Eminem Cd's over seas"…. Are you stupid or just racist because they aren't American? I'm from/currently live in America, your argument is invalid. These guys are good, much respect to them, not you.

  4. I like the uk rap sence , but… Not to be neg but America still got the rap game on loc , but completely underground.. But still much love this rasta British accent style really goes hard

  5. It's like they belong to a different generation to erstwhile urban musicians. They're so modest and articulate and the harmony they achieve together suggests how the next generation could get peace on the streets by thinking like them. Their lyrics synthesize dichometric views of the riots and inner city alienation and come up with a realistic solution in progress. It's like Lowkey has pointed the way and they've taken his messianic message and rid it of some of the anger and disillusionment.

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