Kiriyama Family – Innocence [Official Lyric Video]

Kiriyama Family – Innocence

This is a lyrical video for our song Innocence. The goldfish is called Pablo and he traveled with us across Spain.

I was deluded to say that, you could never find your preferable self.
Seeing as it’s just a matter of perspective and you are the observer of own point of view.
But just remember to relax, nothing is for certain and you will never pass
as anything worth mentioning if you never step out of your comfort zone.

You’re looking for an answer, and try to dig deeper
but you can’t always get higher lord,
or maybe you’ve found it, but didn’t wanna meet her
and that’s when things go south……..

ohh, my innocence is gold, I’ve got to wake up from this silliness,
I’m not right for this
See the hypocrites and he who wants to throw a stone get to it and be gone
before i come crashing out of this

it’s time to look into the past, you are doing well but you’re putting on an act.
now is it fair to call that a personality …….then all the sudden it seems trivial to me
I can’t see the point in humanity, we all argue how best to delay our misery
I swear sometimes i wish that i would die just to come back as something else.

Film and editing: Vidir Bjornsson
Color grading and after effects: Hlynur Hólm Hauksson

Kiriyama Family


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